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June 11 Daily Video Horoscope

Planet Pulse daily horoscope: Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Tarot.com Staff

Get today's Planet Pulse! Watch Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer's daily horoscope for June 11, 2014.

We rise with fire from the waters of our feelings as the Moon rockets into Sagittarius today.

Planet Pulse daily horoscope: June 11, 2014

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In the words of Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer...

No matter how heavy it is early in the morning by the afternoon it is up, up and away in our beautiful balloon. I'm Jeff Jawer.

And I'm Rick Levine for Planet Pulse on this Wednesday June 11th and we start the day with the moon in heavy Scorpio so perhaps the balloon is tied to the ground and doesn't have air in it and yet through morning I think maybe the helium or whatever is pumped into the balloon and at 11:23am East Coast United States time the Moon jumps or rises into Sagittarius and as it does up we go.

That's right its up lifting, up, up and away because Sagittarius the half Horse, half Archer shoots the arrow up into the sky it’s a mutable, an energy releasing fire sign ready to go but more than that because the moon shifts from deep dark Scorpio to adventurous Sagittarius every lunar month but today Sagittarius is expansive key ruling planet Jupiter also forms an aspect with diffusive Neptune.

And in a way Neptune and Jupiter are very similar.

They are...

It's almost like Jupiter is expansive but it's inside the orbit of Saturn so it can only expand so far. Neptune is outside the orbit of Saturn so there's no limit as to how far it can expand. And this evening as Jupiter forms a square and a half with Neptune there's these expansive planets that are taking the energy even further. You talked about how the Sagittarius is half Horse and half Archer or man with a bow and the arrow aimed towards the heavens. In a way it represents the animal nature. The horse that humans are. We are grounded by our animal nature and yet it's the inspiration of thought, the arrow aiming towards the heaven that kind of pulls us above that where we are coming from, from that base nature and into the realm of possibilities and I think that's the up, up and away today.

Yeah and on the positive side.

Wasn't that all positive.

O it was! But the Jupiter Neptune aspect which is what I think even more important and lasts more than today when it goes back a couple of days, goes forward a couple of days, the Moon in Sagittarius has faster moving cycles triggers slower moving patterns but there is also a real tendency to overshoot the mark here. It's like "oh my life isn’t working" or "my boss is mean to me" or "I'm not being loved", "I think I'm going to convert to another religion and move to another continent". Well there's a tendency to go a little too far with Jupiter Neptune.

And that's on the downside. On the upside it's like "Everything is working, I just got $1000 dollar bonus I think I feel lucky I'll put it on the lottery, I'm sure I can win." In other words we can take it too far.

The abuse of good fortune...

Whether we can feel gambly, lucky. We can feel as if it's going to work out rather than it isn't only if its band we are going to go do something crazy. It's like if its good we can also feel like if its good well there's also even better and there's even more and there's no limit. So I think either way it's important during this, the trick of this transit is to make sure that we don't get carried away in our thinking to some place that's beyond the beyond. I'm Rick Levine.

And I'm Jeff Jawer inviting you to meet Rick and I here every day for Planet Pulse.