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June 2013 Love Horoscope

Risky Business

Hearts grow warm and tender this month with the love planet Venus' entry into sensitive Cancer on June 2. The desire for safety and security grow in this protective sign. A tendency to reminisce about the past and get nostalgic about an old partner can either be an inspiration for the future or a way to escape the present.

There are likely to be bumps on the road to romance as Venus opposes pressurized Pluto on June 11 and forms a stressful square with unpredictable Uranus the following day. These are destabilizing aspects that can heighten fears, spur jealousy and provoke restlessness.

Holding on tight to our old ideas of partnership can make the ride more difficult, but finding flexibility in the midst of a crisis can suddenly part dark clouds and illuminate the sky with hope. Breaking patterns is a must as, oddly, taking risks is safer than standing still.

Updating alliances can make them feel shaky but will bring them new life. Altering expectations about our needs and obligations can free us from outmoded beliefs that inhibit happiness and personal growth. These tense Venus aspects can push emotions to extremes, but it's better to explore and experiment before June 20 while the Sun is in flexible Gemini.

Verbal Mercury turns retrograde on June 26, giving us three weeks to rethink and restate our thoughts on love. Yet even if we're busy making adjustments, playfulness and passion are aroused with Venus' shift into bold and expressive Leo on June 27.

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