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Aquarius Love Horoscope: June 2013

Surface Tension

You've recently had some sweet transits for your personal life with planets flowing through your 5th House of Romance and Play since May. The expressive Sun will continue to illuminate this part of your chart until June 20, which is great for creativity, self-confidence and keeping yourself in the spotlight.

But on June 2 amorous Venus leaves your 5th House when she enters sensitive Cancer. This shift increases the possibility of meeting someone through work or when working out. However, it also requires a more delicate approach to personal matters as vulnerabilities rise to the surface. Being smart and clever is usually an asset, but it can work against you if fast talking and careless words make you seem callous.

On June 7 verbal Mercury opposes prickly Pluto, which can provoke some intense conversations or stewing in silence. It's tempting to focus on what's missing rather than what works in a relationship. Use the deep perceptions of this transit to examine yourself and share intimate thoughts discreetly. The following day Mercury squares volatile Uranus, which can be a jolt to the nervous system. A rapid change of mind or plans could be unsettling, yet it can also awaken your mind and excite you with bright ideas.

Venus' stressful square to your freedom-loving planet Uranus can rattle relationships with a sudden change of heart or awaken romance in a very surprising way. The pace picks up on June 17 when passionate Mars cooperates with Uranus, encouraging experimentation and arousing your taste for the unusual.

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