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Libra Horoscope: June 2013

Whistle While You Work

The late-spring breezes of the Sun in Gemini stir your 9th House of Adventure with visions of escape to faraway places, but professional opportunities suggest that business should come first this month. Socially skillful Venus enters conservative Cancer and your 10th House of Career on June 2, which can pay handsome dividends at work. Handling people with your characteristic charm can ingratiate you with colleagues and customers and earn the respect of authority figures. If you're artistic, revealing your creations should bring more recognition now, as well.

On June 8, the versatile Gemini New Moon could scatter your attention by stimulating curiosity about people of other cultures and travel to distant lands. On June 11, the second of three harmonious trines between ambitious Saturn in your 2nd House of Income and imaginative Neptune in your 6th House of Employment shows you how to earn money while pursuing your dreams.

The Sun's entry into tenacious Cancer on June 21 marks the Summer Solstice in your professional 10th House of Career, encouraging you to assume more public responsibilities. The competent Capricorn Full Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family on June 23 favorably aligns with no-nonsense Saturn to help you find the order and discipline you need to pursue your goals.

Auspicious Jupiter's shift into Cancer on June 25 begins a one-year stay in your 10th House of Career, which increases your chances for success. Beware of taking on more work than you can handle when Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer on June 26, complicating communications and big projects with minor snafus. You can reduce errors and delays by advancing with caution and seeking the advice of experienced individuals.

Keep in Mind this Month

Tuning into your emotions and understanding your deepest needs can provide you with more effective guidance than bright ideas that don't feel right.

Key Dates for Libra

June 7-8: Stormy Weather

You can balance imagination and realism perfectly on June 7 as Venus forms harmonious trines with irrational Neptune and rational Saturn. Use this moment to serve your professional aspirations, but remember that others may not be forthcoming because trickster Mercury opposes secretive Pluto and Mars squares slippery Neptune. Apply some healthy skepticism to any promises being made to avoid buying into someone else's fairy tale. Originality and accountability arrive on June 8, with an ingenious but unstable Mercury-Uranus square and a hard-edged quincunx between physical Mars and practical Saturn. Brilliant thinking may be thwarted by the limits of current tools and systems; be ready to adjust your skills or plans as necessary.


June 11-12: Calm Under Pressure

You can tame short-term relationship and financial crises with long-term thinking as valuable Venus opposes pressurized Pluto on June 11 and squares electric Uranus on June 12. The steadying Saturn-Neptune trine on June 11 provides a broader perspective that helps you navigate the treacherous waters of manipulative people, social instability and a possible cash crunch. Problems arising now don't have to be resolved immediately unless your intuition brings a sudden awakening that puts your situation in a totally new and different light.

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