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Cancer Horoscope: June 2017

A cosmic jump-start

This month you'll truly come into your power. From June 4 - July 20, Mars will move through the sign of Cancer for the first time in two years. As a result, you'll enjoy a boost in ambition, stamina, and overall energy. This will help you initiate projects with incredible determination, and you'll work tirelessly to ensure their success. Aim high while you have this tremendous level of support from the universe!

Making June even more promising for you is the fact that on June 23 there will also be a New Moon in your sign. The two weeks following this lunation are ripe with opportunity for you to make a personal fresh start. This could have to do with anything ranging from your personal goals to a relationship. Get moving!

In other news, a sticky situation at work might leave you frustrated near June 9. It's possible that a colleague will leave or, if you employ others, you might need to let someone go. If this happens, it'll be due to a disappointment connected to an ethical consideration at the office. Fortunately, you'll move past it quickly.

Despite all this tremendous energy in your sign, your voice might go underground for a bit between June 6-21. You might be doing research or simply need extra time alone to work on a communications-related project. It'll be worth it.

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