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2016 Summer Love Horoscopes

Love is back in full force
Maria DeSimone

There's great promise for romance this summer! Mars will turn direct on June 29 after traveling retrograde since April 17. As a result, you'll notice an improvement in your overall mojo as well as your libido. The sexy vibes will last all summer long!

The real highlight of love and relationship however, will arrive on September 9. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, will enter the partnership sign Libra at that time, and remains in this sign until October 2017. Romantic unions will be especially blessed.

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Read about all this summer's romantic vibes with your sign's Summer Love Horoscope below!

Aries Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)

In many ways, you're the winner of the romantic cosmic jackpot this summer. Once your ruling planet Mars wakes up on June 29, you'll feel as if you can have anything you want. Venus moves through your 5th House of Romance from July 12 - August 5, and a New Moon falls in the same area of your chart on August 2. Single Aries will have extraordinary prospects for a fun summer romance. Love gets even stronger after September 9, when Jupiter moves into your relationship sector. Wedding bells might be ringing.

Taurus Horoscope (April 20 - May 20)

After June 29, you'll notice the spice come back to your relationship. You and your significant other will feel extra motivated to push the limits again in order to grow together as a couple. If single, you have the best prospects to meet someone new and fall in love this summer. Lucky Jupiter continues to tour your romance sector until September 9. Along with this, love planet Venus will move through the same area of your chart from August 5 - 30. Venus and Jupiter embrace on August 27, and you're oozing love potential. Don't waste it!

Gemini Horoscope (May 21 - June 20)

You may notice a slow start this summer, but your love life will certainly not disappoint! After August 2 Mars moves into your relationship sector, helping motivate you and your partner to finally get out of whatever rut you've found yourselves in. Then, Jupiter enters your romance sector for the first time in 12 years on September 9. If you're single, you'll have brilliant prospects to meet someone new and fall in love. If you're attached, you and your sweetie might start talking about a baby. Wow!

Cancer Horoscope (June 21 - July 22)

After June 29, you and your lover are ready to bring sexy back! Mars will turn direct in your romance sector after having been retrograde since mid-April. Your sex drive will wake up and your lover will notice. If you've endured a dry spell, it's about to end. Venus will also be in your sign until July 12, giving you a boost in confidence and the ability to attract anyone your way. August 17 is noteworthy for you and your partner -- a conversation or decision will bring you closer.

Leo Horoscope (July 23 - Aug. 22)

Your love life will be a sparkling diamond this summer, so get ready to show off! From July 12 - August 5, Venus will be in Leo, crowning you as The Fairest of Them All. You'll easily attract others your way and will have an overall boost in lovability. You'll feel extra romantic at the New Moon in your sign on August 2. Things get really sexy on this day because Mars will simultaneously enter your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure. That means your love life might actually become hotter than you can handle. Enjoy!

Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

This will be a summer for you to shine, Virgo. Jupiter remains in your sign until September 9, giving you an exceptional dose of optimism and brilliance to exude out into the world. That kind of light will surely attract positive relationships your way. Enjoy special romantic prospects between August 5 and 30, while love planet Venus tours your sign. Love will be especially lucky on August 27 when Venus and Jupiter embrace. This will be the last time they meet in Virgo for 12 years, so don't waste the yumminess!

Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

If you begin this summer in a relationship rut, don't stress. On June 29, Mars, the ruler of your partnership sector, will turn direct after having been retrograde since April 17. As a result, you and your partner will have renewed motivation to make things right and bright. Your best prospects for love, however, begin on September 9. Jupiter will move into Libra for the first time in 12 years, blessing you in every way. A new relationship is likely if you're single. If you're attached, harmony prevails. Venus also in Libra, from August 29 - September 23, adds to the goodness.

Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

If you think this summer will be a dud in the romance department, think again. Mars turns direct in your sign on June 29, waking you up in every possible way. You'll notice an improved sex drive as well as an overall desire to go after whatever it is you want most. Once Venus moves into your social 11th house on August 5, you'll have until August 30 to explore romantic potential with a pal. Or, you may have extra luck using a dating app or meeting someone on the Internet.

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

This summer you'll notice an instant improvement in your love life compared to spring. Mars turns direct on June 29, waking up your romance sector. On August 2 however, things get really exciting. That's when Mars enters your sign. For the rest of the summer, you'll be in the most enviable position when it comes to pursuing whatever you desire most. Then, on September 9, lucky Jupiter enters your social 11th house. If you're single, the key to romance might be through a friend's introduction or with a friend.

Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

Your greatest romantic potential happens early this summer, Capricorn. Venus, the planet of love, entered your relationship sector on June 17, and will remain in this part of your chart until July 12. This is a most supportive time, filled with lovely harmony between you and your partner. If you're dating someone, it's possible that now you will decide to make a stronger commitment. Moving in together, getting engaged or married are all possibilities. July 6 is a day you and your lover are guaranteed to see fireworks!

Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Your love life will sparkle between July 12 and August 5 when Venus tours your 7th House of Partnership. If you're in a relationship, you can anticipate an extra dose of harmony between you and your mate. If you're dating someone casually as this transit begins, it's likely that the two of you will decide to go exclusive. An engagement or decision to move in together are also possibilities. Pay attention to July 20 and August 2 -- these are extra special days for you and your love.

Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 19 - March 20)

This summer kicks off with Venus nestled sweetly in your romance sector. Until July 12, it'll be an ideal time to meet someone new and fall in love. Avoid any sticky situation between you and a friend on June 30 as it relates to your love life. On July 6 however, you and your lover will reach new heights together. If you're in a relationship or you're married, you have Jupiter in your partnership sector until September 9. Make the most of this extra cushion of cosmic support and be sure to fortify your relationship.

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