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March 2013 Horoscope

Spring Into Action

March begins in a mellow mood with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in imaginative and dreamy Pisces. This is wonderful for escaping reality and taking time off from obligations. Reducing the weight of tasks frees up time, energy and emotional space to engage in spiritual and creative endeavors. These transits are also excellent for rest and recuperation with quiet walks in the woods or on a beach.

The Pisces New Moon on March 11 is joined with delicious Venus, which puts a priority on fresh sources of love, pleasure, art and beauty. Communicative Mercury is retrograde when the month begins, moving backward until March 17. Repairing problems caused by misunderstandings and lack of information might seem hopeless but is worth the effort.

The planetary tides begin to change on March 11, when assertive Mars rams into its fiery home sign Aries. Its relatively passive behavior and unwillingness to take on challenges directly is now over. This is the first harbinger of an astrological spring, when the new season encourages innovation and boldness. Mars' shift picks up the pace of activity and inspires the confidence to initiate personal and professional projects. Mercury's forward turn on March 17 lets information flow more freely as old issues are settled.

The vernal equinox, or first day of spring, occurs with the Sun's move into Aries on March 20. Although this is the first day of fall in the Southern Hemisphere, it is still a change of season that turns the wheel of life in a new direction. A desire for fresh experiences and a willingness to take risks increases with this transit.

The following day, alluring Venus enters Aries, adding impulsiveness to relationships and financial transactions. Avoid the instinct to do it all immediately, especially with Mars' conjunction to spontaneous Uranus on March 22. This is a rebellious, inventive, impatient, and perhaps aggressive aspect that is filled with energy but resistant to reason and compromise.

Restraint and focus are called for when Mars squares potent Pluto on March 26. Intensity and extremism are possible, although the power to eliminate obstacles is strong when attention is concentrated on one critical task. The normally accommodating Libra Full Moon on March 27 opposes Uranus and Mars and squares Pluto, which can trigger an emotional explosion or fill the day with surprises. Relationships can be rattled by uncooperative attitudes and restless feelings, yet generous Jupiter's favorable trine to the Full Moon might show alternative ways to operate that can circumvent crises.

Still, Venus and the Sun join unconventional Uranus on March 28 to spur innovation while resisting routine activities and reduce the willingness to meet others halfway. Venus' squeezing square with intense Pluto on March 31 ends the month with pressure that is associated with resources, self-worth and partnerships. Establishing priorities and committing to do whatever hard work is necessary to maximize potential is a healthy expression of this aspect.

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