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Gemini Love Horoscope: March 2013

It's proving time

March rolls in with loving Venus, the planet of attraction, in your 10th House of Career, which should garner attention when you're in the public eye. Showing how responsible you can be doesn't sound sexy but will actually make you more self-confident and attractive to others.

One possible snag, though, is Mercury retrograde. Your communicative ruling planet is running in reverse until March 17, bogging down the flow of information and complicating conversations. Even when it begins moving forward Mercury advances slowly for the rest of the month. Being more cautious about what you say and more attentive to what you hear will help to avoid the misunderstandings that can undermine relationships.

Still, Mercury's passage over the Sun on the 4th can help you see yourself more clearly and overcome confusion. Taking extra time to examine your motivations and to express yourself gently but firmly could smooth out some personal rough spots.

Pals can provide a boost to your social life as planets start shifting into your 11th House of Groups on March 11. Passionate Mars in impulsive Aries leads the parade, perhaps in the form of a pushy friend who encourages you to take a risk. If you're unmoved by his or her efforts, that's likely to change when the willful Sun and amorous Venus enter this sociable part of your chart on March 20 and 21. Getting involved with an organization as a volunteer or as a single seeking a partner should heat up your personal life with new prospects and experiences.

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