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Leo Career Horoscope: March 2013

Be careful how loud you roar

Diplomacy is a must early this month with four planets in hypersensitive Pisces and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Colleagues, customers and bosses may be very touchy and easily upset. Walking on eggshells in not your usual style, but let discretion be the better part of valor now. Even if you're right, carefully choose a private moment to express yourself or keep quiet. Because others are likely to over-react to almost anything you say, finding ways to move around delicate matters is helpful.

On the plus side, this activation of your 8th house can attract creative and compassionate people. If you find the right ones, you could initiate a profitable working alliance. Patience may begin to fade as impulsive Mars enters Aries on March 11. This occurs in your visionary and restless 9th house, encouraging you to act more boldly.

The expressive Sun and creative Venus move into this part of your chart on March 20 and 21 to increase your optimism and willingness to take risks. One of the challenges, though, is to recognize that others may not be as forward-looking as you are. Your ideas could be slightly ahead of their time. If you encounter resistance to your innovative concepts, simplify them to get started.

Inventiveness and independence are also pushed by the Sun's conjunction with revolutionary Uranus on March 28. Your willingness to compromise is likely to drop as restlessness grows. A sudden blow up is an undesirable possibility unless that's what it takes to break free of a stagnant work situation.

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