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Aries Love Horoscope for March 2014

Relationship rehab

Slow down Aries; it's time for relationship rehab. You might begin the month with a noticeable dragging feeling, especially when it comes to your partnership. On March 1, Mars, your ruler, will turn retrograde in Libra. Until May 19 you have a special lesson to learn about relating. Specifically, this seems to be about when to be assertive and when to compromise. You and your mate will likely feel as if a situation has reached a boiling point, yet neither one of you seems willing to make the first move to change things. Over the next several weeks you'll realize that you've come to a vital juncture in the status of your union. If you're serious about remaining committed to one another, adjustment is necessary.

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Perhaps your relationship goals have altered, and you may wonder whether or not your current partner has what it takes to live up to your revised requirements. Whatever the situation, these next few weeks will be a slow, sometimes frustrating, but oh-so-eye-opening time in your love life. If you've been afraid to have that argument, you're not being true to yourself or to your partner. Go ahead, have it out. Just remember to fight fair.

In other news, love planet Venus will enter your social networking sector, where she'll remain until April 5. If single, this will be an ideal time to meet someone new via the Internet, or through a friend's introduction. March 29 might be an especially bright day for romance! Be advised, however, that with Mars retrograde it'll be unwise to initiate a new sexual relationship. After Mars turns direct you might realize that your lover just doesn't cut it in the bedroom. Finally, a testy New Moon in your sign on March 30 will allow a fresh start in many areas. Still, be prepared to fight for what -- or who -- you want.

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