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Your March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

Your FREE monthly horoscope for March 2019

The winds of change are definitely blowing this March! On March 6 Uranus, the great awakener of the zodiac, will move into the slow, methodical sign of Taurus where he remains through April 2026. This is HUGE and will have major ramifications for everyone both personally and collectively. When the planet of chaotic change moves into a sign that prefers routine, there is bound to be some initial resistance. Fortunately, with Uranus, you can expect him to get you out of whatever coma you've been in so that you can stop being asleep at the wheel of your life and start driving the car again.

Expect major shifts in money matters during this transit. If you remember to develop your most unique talents over the next several years you should do very well under this vibration financially. You might also notice significant change ahead in values, and you will be able to break free from any that are not true to who you really are. Who you are has been awakened under the rays of Uranus in Aries, and now it's time to throw some electricity around what you have, what you value, and what you're really worth. Wake up!

Mercury will be retrograde from March 5-28 in the gentle sign of Pisces, allowing you to reconsider your approach toward an imaginative endeavor. You might also find that you're more intuitive than usual but that you're second guessing those hunches you have. Don't overthink it -- instead write them down and see what comes to pass. And of course, all the usual Mercury Retrograde rules apply, so don't sign a major contract if at all possible!

A New Moon in Pisces on March 6 will help stimulate a new path for you in terms of your spirituality and creativity. Going with the flow will be easier now, however with Mercury retrograde, you might not be sure which way that flow is. Again, it's all about trusting your gut this month, so allow it to lead and you won't regret it.

Last but not least, a Full Moon in Libra on the March 20 will make you keenly aware of where you stand in a close partnership. Are you fulfilled in this union or is there something not quite right? Are you tired of making endless concessions just to keep the peace? An unavoidable light will shine brightly on this relationship, either way...

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