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Leo Horoscope: May 2014

Walk your talk

As early as May 7, you might feel much more social and convivial. Communication planet Mercury will move into your friendship sector at this time, remaining there until May 29. Overall, this will be a month where you have more opportunities to chat and mingle with friends, and to put yourself in a position to meet new and stimulating acquaintances. Be sure to open up your social circle near May 15 -- you could meet someone very special around this time.

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A Full Moon on May 14, however, will focus your emotions on the home front. There may be emotionally-charged news from a female relative that leaves you feeling slightly overwhelmed. It may have to do with an ongoing family issue, or it might be about a relative's health. If you're doing work on your home, you may also discover there are more significant repairs required.

On May 19, action planet Mars turns direct in your communication sector. If you've been second-guessing your decisions since March 1, or if you've had trouble putting your walk where your talk was, that issue will now be resolved. Expect courage and conviction behind your dialect.

Last but not least, if single, a new social acquaintance you make after the New Moon on May 28 might stimulate you intellectually and romantically. Remain open to the possibilities!

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