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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for May 2014

Expect the unexpected

There's a bite to your love life this month, but for the most part you'll enjoy the taste.

On May 11, however, you may want to be careful. Venus, now in your true love sector, will square off with intense Pluto on this day. When Venus and Pluto get together, love can be transformed -- but it can also be obsessed over, manipulated, or even dangerous. In your case, it appears the danger lies in finances. Are you tempted to date someone for his or her money, or are you the one trying to buy love? It's also possible that your lover will ask you for a loan, or try to manipulate you into buying him or her something you really can't afford. Set limits, but keep it all in perspective. It's only one day!

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On May 15, you'll have one of the sexiest days possible in love! Venus and Uranus will embrace in your true love sector, allowing you to share a very unique romantic experience with your sweetie. If single, expect the unexpected in romantic prospects. Someone is sure to show up!

Also on May 15, Venus and Mercury will be at a friendly angle, encouraging communication between you and your mate. You can rest assured that any decision you make with your partner on this day will benefit both of you.

A New Moon on May 28 will fall in your relationship sector, and if you've been thinking about getting engaged, moving in together or even marrying your love, now will be your time to plant those seeds of intention. Also on May 28, love planet Venus enters your work sector. Until June 23, you'll have an opportunity to begin an office romance. Things could get very interesting at work!

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