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Libra Horoscope: May 2015

It's business

May begins with you paying extra attention to your finances. You might feel slightly anxious or insecure about your earning power near May 3. If this is the case, remember that you have everything you need inside of you to make the money you need. Your talents run deep, and if there are any concerns about cash flow, this will be an ideal time to cultivate and monetize one of your talents.

In fact, career prospects look brighter than ever between May 7 and June 5 while your ruler, Venus, tours your 10th House of Career. This will be a time you can rest assured that your boss and other authority figures see the absolute best in you. Opportunity for a dream assignment may arrive near May 16 -- keep your eyes open!

If you're involved in any legal situation, things might begin to get dicey this month. Between May 11 and June 24 arguments with your legal team, or the opposition may reach an all-time high, making you think that mediation is no longer a possibility. Don't lose hope. Although Mercury's retrograde between May 18 and June 11 will require extra patience in communication, you can resolve matters you previously thought were at an impasse.

New investment opportunities may come up after May 18 as well -- do your research before you jump into any. Still, it looks promising.