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Pisces Love Horoscope for May 2015

Lighthearted love

Romance gets sweet this month, much to your delight. On May 7, Venus will enter your 5th House of True Love where she'll remain until June 5. During this once-in-a-year event, Venus will help support the greatest amount of pleasure possible from all social, recreational and romantic encounters. If you're in a relationship, you can expect to have more fun with your sweetheart -- the kind of fun you used to enjoy back in the early days of dating. You might also feel those butterflies in your stomach all over again!

If you're single, this will be an ideal time to get out more and put yourself in a position that maximizes you meeting new people. A love connection is more than possible now -- it's probable! May 16 will be your most romantic day of the month since Venus will embrace Neptune, now in your sign. If you're attached, this will be the perfect time to explore a more spiritual connection with your lover. If single, do something that allows you to explore your spiritual or imaginative side. Or, work on a charitable project. You may meet someone who shares the same passions.

May 21 will be intense for everyone in love since Venus opposes Pluto. In your case, it could turn into an ultra-sexy day. You might push the envelope with a friend if the two of you share mutual chemistry. Your desire however, will outweigh any fear. Yum!

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