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Scorpio Horoscope: May 2015

Caring and sharing

You might wear your heart on your sleeve near May 3. Revealing your emotions so openly isn't usually your style, but with a Full Moon happening in your sign, it might be unavoidable. Try to embrace the extra sensitivity and use it to strengthen your relationship with someone close by showing your capacity to truly share feelings without reservation. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

If you have international travel plans between May 7 and June 5 you'll absolutely fall in love with the place you visit. Alternatively, if you're single, it's possible that you'll meet someone who has a background quite unique from yours in some way. You'll be captivated!

Mars will enter your 8th House of Shared Finances on May 11, remaining there until June 24. During this time, you might feel extra aggravation about credit card bills, loans, insurance costs or even investments. Between May 18 and June 11, Mercury will be retrograde in the same area of your chart, adding to the tension. Your best course of action is to refrain from any new financial endeavors, while making sure that your current portfolio is as solid as possible. A conversation with your accountant or financial advisor may be in order.

On May 18, a glorious New Moon will fall in your partnership sector. Expect a fresh start between you and someone close -- either in business or your personal life.