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Pisces Love Horoscope for May 2018

Sexless romance

What happens when the planet of sex and libido goes into hiding the very same month that the planet of love enters your romance sector? Is it a wash? Well, it all depends on how you view the situation.

Here's the deal: on May 16 Mars will shift into your reclusive 12th house, and plans on staying here for an unusually long time -- until November. That's a long time to feel as if you have lost your mojo, Pisces, but there's obviously a bigger reason at work here. It's possible that you are feeling as if you have less energy for the physical world and need a bit of personal retreat. Maybe this includes some celibate time in order to focus on your spiritual growth. That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world -- especially for a sign like you who tends to absorb so much negative energy from others. Maybe it's a cleansing you're after now -- an opportunity to wash away whatever has been dragging you down energetically. This might also be a great time for any other physical detox such as a nutritional cleanse.

The irony, however, is that on May 19, love planet Venus enters your 5th House of Pleasure, Romance, Children, and Creativity. This is a once-a-year transit that often brings new love opportunities if single. Venus remains here through June 13. Look at the silver lining, Pisces. It appears that the universe is about to send someone very special into your life who has the ability to truly open your heart, and for one reason or another, you decide to take sex out of the equation as you get to know one another. Is that such a bad thing?

For coupled Pisceans, the slowdown in your sex drive and energy might be due to a pregnancy. Congratulations!

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