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Virgo Love Horoscope for May 2018

Financial viability AND emotional availability

If you're in a committed relationship and have been carrying most of the financial weight over the last several years, your partner is in for a boost in stability -- at last! This might be due to the fact that you've been patiently supporting him or her through school as they pursued an advanced degree. Now, it appears they're ready to cash in on their education and a lucrative job offer might arrive this month. Another possibility is that your spouse has been home raising children and now you both have decided it's a good time for him or her to go back into the work force. Whatever your particular circumstances might be, after May 15 there will be a decided shift in any one-sided financial situation you've been connected to.

If you're single, starting May 19 and through June 13 you'll be in a harmonious social phase which is sure to help you meet new and (most importantly) emotionally available potential mates. That has been your most significant block when it comes to matters of the heart lately. It's not that you can't meet someone -- you can. It's just that anyone you have met recently has not wanted to make the same investment that you are ready to make. Happily, this month there is a good indication that this trend will change. Attend any and all family gatherings you're invited to this month -- whether it's your own family or a friend's. You could meet someone through a relative or other acquaintance.

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