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Scorpio Horoscope: November 2016

Take it to the next level

Domestic life will be anything but quiet this month. It looks like you and your clan are considering a DIY project or other home renovation. If so, you'll need to exercise more patience from November 9 - December 19, as your home might be in extra disarray during construction. If, for example, you're gutting your kitchen or an essential bathroom for an overhaul, you might feel the pinch in your lifestyle more than if you were just painting a room in the house. In the end however, it'll all be worth it!

A Full Moon in your partnership sector on November 14 allows you to deepen your commitment to a client, business partner, or your spouse. This Full Moon is beautiful, so any ending would be one you wanted. Fulfillment is more likely.

If you're a writer or if you're in the communications or sales industry, then you may notice extra money coming your way. Perhaps you'll take on a few extra assignments. If you do marketing, website work, or handle social media, this will be an ideal time to raise your rates. You've been taking the time over the last several months to raise your value and cultivate important talents. Now, you're ready to get paid for your expertise. No matter what you do for work, asking for more money is advised after November 29, when a New Moon falls in your earned income sector.

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