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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for October 2014

Go after what you want

Romance might be on the rocky side this month. Rough even. But the funny thing is you appear to thrive amid these tense circumstances. A difficult Lunar Eclipse in your true love sector on October 8 might bring a "make it or break it" type of energy between you and a lover. If you're dating someone and you know the relationship has nowhere to go, it's likely that will end.

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If you're in love and determined to stick out any stormy weather, however, you can. The lesson for you here will be getting through your first major rough patch together. You may decide on some temporary time apart in order to figure things out, and if so that's OK. Breathing room doesn't hurt love that's already strong. It only strengthens it, because it'll add more oxygen to the relationship overall.

Mars will remain in your sign for most of the month -- until October 26. Use this supercharged energy to go after what you truly want in your relationship. Remember, the eclipse might be tense, but because it's in Aries, that means its ruler is Mars. With Mars in your sign there is every opportunity for you and your partner to come out winners -- even if you must spend time in the boxing ring together first. Hey, that might even wind up being fun.

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