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Scorpio Horoscope: October 2016

Making progress

It appears that this month you'll be having plenty of discreet conversations that have to do with major plans. You might be working on a major writing or other communications-related endeavor that requires you to spend more time alone in order to meet your deadline. Or, it's possible that you are involved in a top-secret project that requires discretion. Either way, from October 7-11 you can expect major progress in this matter. If this is a work-related project, expect it to be ready near October 16.

Another possibility during this time will be that you are ready to handle a health matter that has been troubling you. The treatment option you choose will likely be alternative in some way, and it looks like it will benefit you.

Financially, your prospects look bright. After October 18 Venus will move into your earned income sector, where she remains until November 11. You can look forward to a boost in confidence to market your talents, as well as enhanced cash flow.

The best news this month however, is saved for last. On October 30 a stunning New Moon in your sign promises a fresh start. This lunation is beautifully aspected to other planets in the sky and that means you'll have all the support you need to succeed in whatever you initiate. Make it count!

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