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Leo Horoscope: October 2018

A domestic purge

We all have skeletons in our family closet, Leo, but yours might be ready to come out in a way you don't expect this. Someone who hurt you in the past or someone with whom you're related to but estranged from might come back into your life asking for forgiveness. Another possibility is that this is something you long for but is something that won't happen. If so, you might come to terms with that painful reality in October and begin letting go of your attachment to a relative you had an unfortunate, toxic relationship with.

This might not be so dramatic for all of you Leos out there. With Venus moving retrograde in your home and family sector starting on October 5, it is possible that this month you are just seriously revising your household budget or plans to move out on your own and purchase a home, condo, or lease an apartment. You might be thinking about how you can achieve your ultimate future domestic bliss. If so, this is the month to pare down expenses and do what you can to make sure that this becomes a reality in your near future.

In other news, it'll be a great month for communications matters. A New Moon in your message sector on October 8 might be about a contract or other negotiation. If it's a real estate contract, delay final signing and decisions until after November 16 when Venus turns direct. If, however, it has to do with any other matter, you should be fine.

A change in your career path is suggested near the end of the month at the Full Moon on October 24. Whatever is happening, it seems to come at you from out of the blue and will absolutely have a positive outcome. Don't worry about career -- this area of your life is truly electrified these days. Uranus will be closely linked to the Full Moon, adding that element of surprise, but the Moon will also be making a stable link to Saturn, which is now in your work sector. A sudden promotion with more responsibility or a snap decision to take a different job opportunity might be on the horizon. Again, don't stress. It's all good.

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