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September Horoscope 2012

Transformation Time

September begins with brainy Mercury in its earthy home sign of Virgo, where minds grow sharper. However, the messenger planet's opposition to dreamy Neptune on September 1 may spawn some spurious information, so take what you hear with a bit of skepticism.

On September 6, Venus strides into bold Leo to enliven partnerships and dramatize romance for the rest of the month. The need for attention and approval tends to increase with this transit. An inflated sense of self is really a sign of an insecure ego, so don't fall for someone else's theatrics or allow wounded pride to lead to self-pity. Venus in Leo, however, can also be warm, expressive, creative, playful and generous, which are much more attractive uses of this transit.

The New Moon in pragmatic Virgo on September 15 is useful for initiating healthy habits and developing skills. This analytical sign is made to break reality down into little pieces so we can better understand how the world works. Sometimes this kind of analysis comes across as criticism, yet when done with kindness is a valuable tool for self-improvement.

The second of seven world-shaking Uranus-Pluto squares occurs on September 19. This continues the process of transformation that began earlier in the year and won't finish until 2015. Mercury's connections with these outer planets on September 20 could trigger arguments or intellectual breakthroughs. The trick is to balance nervous energy and mistrust with a willingness to question our own assumptions. Brilliant new insights emerge when we let go of old ideas and avoid blaming others for our shortcomings.

The Sun's entry into Libra on September 22 marks the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the partnership sign, where objectivity and social skills help to facilitate successful alliances both personally and professionally. The graciousness of Libra, though, may not be enough to maintain calm emotional seas on September 29. That's when the Sun crashes into a stressful square with provocative Pluto and an explosive opposition with revolutionary Uranus. It's best to avoid rubbing others the wrong way unless you're willing to totally transform your relationships with them.

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