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Pisces Career Horoscope for September 2014

Mutual trust

Partnerships are likely to play a very important role in your professional life this month. Dealing with picky individuals might be challenging, but if the details and criticism you must face help you become more efficient, it's worth the effort. Of course, there's little reason to accept disrespectful behavior from others, but it's your willingness to learn from mistakes that can turn a problem into a potential launching pad.

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Knowing what you want from others is essential to building the kind of professional alliance you desire. Finding people whose skills complement yours is a good way to tap into the planetary patterns this month. If you have your own business, demonstrating the unique value of what you offer should attract new customers.

On September 8, the Full Moon is in your sign, which can raise the level of your already sensitive emotions. The positive side of this is an awakening of self-awareness and getting more attention. The downside is becoming overly dramatic, and turning a small issue into a major crisis. Of course, if you want to leave your current position, the intensity of your feelings may be what's needed to motivate you to make a bold move.

More peaceful connections come with the Sun's transit into tranquil Libra and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on September 22. Fairness becomes the critical element that builds successful working relationships. Don't be shy about discussing things if you feel underappreciated. It might be awkward to bring these up, but communication's the key to creating mutual trust.

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