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Leo Horoscope: September 2015

Stop searching

It's time to rejoice! On September 6 Venus will finally turn direct in your sign after having been retrograde since late July. You might have spent the last few weeks struggling to reclaim a feeling of self-love and respect. Although you're a sign that exudes confidence, the truth is that you have a soft shell of vulnerability in this area and require more ego boosting than other signs. Lately, you might have needed to learn how to stop searching for validation from others and instead, look deeper within. If you learned this lesson then you can expect plenty of joy moving forward now that Venus will be strong in your sign for the rest of the month. Wonderful!

In other news, a major financial development is in store. A potent Solar Eclipse in your 2nd House of Money on September 13 may put you in an enviable position. Opportunity to enhance your earnings is everywhere! Consider starting a new project that will allow you to market and monetize one of your special talents after this time.

Be patient in communication matters after September 17 and until October 9. Mercury will travel retrograde in your 3rd House of Communication, and it'll be all too easy to mix up your words.

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