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Pisces Horoscope: September 2015

Real progress

A creative project you have been working on will see real progress this month -- especially after September 6. Relationship wise, you might be close to forging a new alliance with someone. This could be in your personal life but it might also be business related. Pay attention to developments in partnership matters after the Solar Eclipse on September 13 -- one way or another, there's likely to be something extraordinary on the horizon!

Career responsibilities might reach a new level for you after September 17. If you've been working hard to reach the top of your field it's possible that now, you'll be recognized as a seasoned, well respected professional. If, however, you're not doing what you know you should be -- if you haven't been true to yourself and your goals -- this might be a difficult time. Saturn will enter your 10th House of Career, and remains in this part of your chart until December 2017. When it comes to your professional life you might have to pay your dues before you see a reward. If it's time to leave an unfulfilling career path, you'll know. In the end, all the effort you put into career now will come back to you tenfold in the future. Trust the process.

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