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Sagittarius Horoscope: September 2015

Career developments

Now that Venus is set to turn direct on September 6 it's possible that your love life will gain traction in a more spiritually aligned direction. If you and your mate have been grappling with a significant moral dilemma or different philosophical perspective, now, at the very least, you'll be ready to "agree to disagree" and move forward.

Ironically, romance won't be the main focus for you this month. No, you've got bigger fish to fry and it all has to do with your professional life. In fact, a major career development might be in store for you this month. On September 13 a brilliant Solar Eclipse will fall in your 10th House of Honors and Profession. This will offer you an incredible edge if there's a promotion you'd like to apply for, or if you're considering launching a new business. You might also find yourself in a position of greater authority or respect in another way other than directly connected to your career.

The headline news for you in September however is all about Saturn. The planet of karma and responsibility will enter your sign on September 17 and will remain moving through Sagittarius until late 2017. Now will be your time to embrace whatever obligations come your way with maturity. You might take on something new that proves to yourself and the world that you're truly "all grown up."

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