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Capricorn Love Horoscope for September 2017

What's yours is mine

One of the more interesting developments in your love life this month has to do with your partner's finances. Until September 19 you'll be in a phase of Venusian support that might bring extra money to your mate in some way. He or she could receive a raise at work, or the two of you might learn that a joint investment has paid off nicely. Figuring out what to do with these extra funds won't be a problem -- you both already have a few ideas.

The same area of your chart that rules your partner's money, however, also has to do with your intimate life. Fortunately, there is more of a playful feeling around this until September 19. You and your sweetie won't be as shy when it comes to revealing what you each truly desire between the sheets. And you'll both be eager to accommodate the other -- much to your delight!

If single, after September 19 there's a promising opportunity to meet someone who is from a background unlike yours. This might be a man or woman who is from another country, has a different religious background, or has other unique philosophy that you find appealing. Explore your options. When love can expand your horizons and open your heart all at once, it is often the greatest love of all.

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