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September 2018 Love Horoscope

Read your free monthly love horoscope for September 2018

The game of love moves forward again this month after having been stuck for most of the summer. Stuck might be the right word for some, but for others it's been a cosmic disaster. Between Mars and Mercury Retrograde and three eclipses, the chaos in the sky has been intense. That definitely spelled change for your love life scenario as well. In September, however, it's like we get a cosmic breather as well as some genuine supportive energy that will allow you to gain momentum in your love life.

It begins with a New Moon in Virgo on September 9 that will help you work on whatever you decide to in your romantic world. Do you need to focus on self-improvement if single in order to feel the self-love first? This is the time to do so. Are you in a relationship that has a few wrinkles to iron out? This is the month for a romantic housecleaning.

Passion can be on the horizon for many as well thanks to Venus moving into sultry and mysterious Scorpio, also on September 9. You'll be more extreme about expressing your love to someone close ... it's ride or die with Scorpio and you'll have no trouble making this known.

If single, there might be a new obsession around the corner. Pay attention to September 12 when Venus opposes Uranus and also sextiles Saturn. This will be a day of romantic fireworks where a sudden change in your love life can actually lead to more stability than you anticipated. Nice!

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