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Maria DeSimone

Your Weekly Horoscopes are getting a makeover!

After seven years of producing Weekly Video Horoscopes, we want you to be the first to know about some exciting changes coming up. Your Weekly videos are transitioning into a new, improved, and in-depth Monthly format! That's right Monthly Horoscope Videos, custom to your zodiac sign -- coming SOON!

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A weekly horoscope can provide a high quality glimpse into your here-and-now moments, but a monthly horoscope can offer a more comprehensive explanation of the cosmic landscape ahead, because it covers a longer stretch of time. These are both valuable and meaningful ways to get your planetary information, much like a daily newspaper compared to a monthly news magazine.

A monthly horoscope allows the space to flesh out the possibilities you might anticipate as you live your life in real time. What a wonderful way to plan your week and weekends over the course of a month! You'll have an opportunity to prepare yourself to take advantage of any upcoming positive cycles, and have just enough notice to wrap your head around any difficult pattern so it won't become too much of a hassle.

Planning ahead

Will it be a good month to ask your boss for a raise? What are the best days to go on a date with that special someone? Is it really a good idea to initiate a business partnership or sign a vital contract this week? Will there be any sticky situations to navigate on the home front? Is a larger planetary pattern about to begin or end and if so, what does it mean for you in English? Whether it's personal, financial, domestic, relationship, or career-oriented, a monthly horoscope will help you understand where your overall focus will lie in the month ahead.

Knowing what energies are at your disposal and learning how to work with them is more than just entertainment -- it's empowerment!