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The New Palladini Tarot Deck

The New Palladini Tarot

David Palladini, creator of the best-selling Aquarian Tarot deck, created his Palladini deck to combine elements of medieval, Egyptian, Renaissance and modern art in an original style. It includes Susan Hansson’s detailed explanation of tarot symbols, correspondences and spreads.

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From the U.S. Games The New Palladini Tarot booklet:

From the U.S. Games The New Palladini Tarot booklet:

The Tarot deck is not meant to predict, but to give insight. The knowledge suggested by a particular card in a particular position is valid and valuable only as far as one can see into oneself. You can easily dismiss a card, or even a whole reading if you are not ready to accept it through fear or lack of self-awareness.

The Tarot has suffered much through history because it requires such deep insight on the part of both the reader and the subject. Any lack of faith, or shallowness of purpose, will pervert the deck into a party game, or worse. I remember, as a child, my Italian parents playing card games with their friends, using a strange set of cards from northern Italy. They had pictures of Rods and Coins and Swords on them, and were called Tarocchi. So debased had the Tarot become that it was being used in France and Italy for vulgar games of wager and chance. The Tarot had gone from priestly meditation and the hands of kings to the smoky din of the tavern.