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Omegaland Tarot Deck


The Omegaland Tarot takes place in a dystopian world where society has been brought to its knees -- yet hope shines through in the art and interpretations of this intense Tarot deck.

Omegaland Tarot deck preview:

From the U.S. Games Omegaland Tarot booklet:

From the U.S. Games Omegaland Tarot booklet:

Hey! Welcome! You are now a proud owner of an Omegaland Tarot deck. Whether you acquired it through trading beans, bullets or bandages, or pulled it off some poor soul’s remains, you’re in for a treat. Being where we are as a species, you’ll understand the difficulty in finding a working camera, let alone film or the chemicals necessary to develop any pics, so I decided to document my travels through drawings. even if I could snap a shot, I was sometimes involved in heavy sh**. God knows I wouldn’t want to have a flash go off next to my head when trying to hide from a bunch of thugs.

The events and the people you’ll see here are all real, but some of it was subject to my interpretation, I’ll admit. It was just a way for me to make sense of it all. This is Omegaland...and things are pretty different now that society has collapsed. We all do what we have to do to survive.

In this Tarot booklet, I’ll give you a little backstory on what’s going on in the cards. I’ve written a couple of words, little lessons I guess, to give you an idea of what I learned from these encounters. I’ll get into how you can get some understanding for yourself later on. But for now, take a look at the Tarot cards…