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Tarot of the Spirit

Tarot of the Spirit is a masterful deck with colorful images that stimulate the mind to a higher level of consciousness, and the 20th Anniversary Edition includes a clear film overlay of the Tree of Life.

Tarot of the Spirit Tarot deck preview:

From the U.S. Games Tarot of the Spirit Tarot booklet:

From the U.S. Games Tarot of the Spirit Tarot booklet:

Joseph Campbell once said, “Life as an art and art as a game — an action for its own sake, without thought of gain or loss, praise or blame — is the key, then, to the turning of living itself into a yoga, and art into the means to such a life.”

Welcome to Tarot, the game of life! Welcome to this incredible game in which the object is to understand all that has been, is and ever shall be! Welcome, dear one, to the Tarot of the Spirit! To play this intriguing game is to learn about life, to learn about all existence — origins and structures — past, present and future. This is done through the contemplation of images, pictures that when attended to with the mindfulness given to great art, contain the power to propel the player on a profound path of spiritual realization.

What is spiritual realization? To become spiritually realized is to arrive at an understanding of your own being: body, mind and spirit. It is to come to terms with your own destiny. It is to begin to comprehend that which exists beyond the boundaries of yourself.

As we come to spiritual awareness, we begin, as Joseph Campbell says to turn life into yoga. What does this mean? The word yoga is Sanskrit for “to yoke.” As you play the game of Tarot you begin to yoke — to pull toward yourself — an erudite knowledge that transcends ordinary ways of thinking. With this new knowledge, your life begins to change. Your potential expands.

Can spiritual realization really be attained through playing with a pack of cards? For centuries, mystics have answered with a resounding YES. You must draw your own conclusions. But while you are thinking it over, consider these questions: Are you ready to play your own game of life? Are you ready to play it all the way? Are you up to meeting your own destiny? If so, the Tarot of the Spirit is at your command.