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brigit esselmont

Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: April 2016

A blessing in disguise
Brigit Esselmont

Hi I'm Brigit, founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the Monthly Tarot Forecast for April 2016. We're going to have a look at Blessings, Challenges, and Recommended Actions.

Blessings card: The Tower

So for the Blessings, we have The Tower card! Now I know that you may be looking at that Tower card and thinking, 'Oh my goodness, how on Earth is that a blessing? It looks terrible! This big tower struck by lightning, people jumping out of the windows which have got flames coming out of them...'

It's that card of destruction. When we have big destruction, the only thing that can happen after destruction is creation. And oftentimes it's necessary that things just blow up big time so that we can get shocked out of the system and then start fresh. So we kind of need these big destructive events to happen in our lives so that we can removes ourselves from it and create the things that are more in alignment with our higher selves.

You may not be able to see it at the time, but as time evolves, you will start to see what is being created as a result of that destruction.

Challenges card: Four of Wands

Now the Challenges! The Four of Wands. Now this is typically a card of foundations, especially as a four, and the home and celebration and so on. What I think is really interesting here is our Challenge is in keeping things calm and OK and in place by keeping our foundations in place, because what's really going on is The Tower, which is ripping to shreds all those foundations that we thought we had in place. So everything that you thought would be just normal and safe and secure is actually really being shaken to the core. But trust me that is for the good in the long run. I know at the time it feels upsetting and unsettling, but this to allow new creation to happen.

Recommendation card: Page of Wands

The third card is the Page of Wands upright. The Page of Wands is all about starting a new journey. And I have a sneaking suspicion that this is about what will happen after all that sort of chaos and destruction that you might experience with The Tower card.

So the Page of Wands is asking you to start in a new direction, to find where there is new growth. You'll notice in this card we've got the really barren landscape here, kind of like the desert, but his little staff, his wand has actually got some little leaves starting to sprout. So even when it feels like everything is sort of being completely cleared and shaken up and what have you, there's going to be a little seed, a little spurt of inspiration and motivation, and that's what I want you to really follow. Really be aware of it, look out for those opportunities in a new direction.


- A bit of a shakeup, but remember it's a blessing in disguise

- Feeling like you're not quite sure about what you can rely on, but know that that's OK, that that's part of this big shakeup that's been happening

- And, in terms of recommended action, look for ways you can start heading off in a new direction; look for that new growth, that new inspiration

So there you have it. I hope you have a wonderful April and I can't wait to see you again next month!