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brigit esselmont

Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: May 2016

Inner truths are revealed
Brigit Esselmont

Hi I'm Brigit, founder of BiddyTarot, and this is the Monthly Tarot Forecast for May 2016. We've drawn three cards, one for the Blessings, one for the Challenges, and one for the recommended course of action for this month.

Blessings card: Page of Swords

Our first card is the Page of Swords. This is our opportunity. The Page of Swords is ready for an adventure. He has his sword lifted high and he's ready to get going. Particularly with it being the suit of Swords, you're likely to start pursuing a new journey in communication, in writing, in something that requires thought. It might even be a new field of study. Perhaps you've had a journal sitting there -- this could actually be the best month for you to start writing a journal, or doing a little bit more creative writing, or even doing a bit more public speaking. OK so let's now check out what we've got for the Challenges...

Challenges card: Justice, reversed

I've drawn the reversed Justice card. Upright the Justice card is all about truth and things being fair and just. In the reverse position you might feel that something this month is unfair or unjust. And yes, you could leave it at that and say "Oh why me? Poor me," but, I really feel like this card is encouraging you to get to the source of the real truth of the matter. And that's often done by getting into your inner truth. So if you feel that something has happened to you that feels unjust, think about what role did you play, in that particular situation, that may have ended up having it feel unjust. And in that process, it's about getting in touch with what is your inner truth, even though sometimes it's hard to really acknowledge what that truth is. Perhaps there's something that you might have wanted to do differently in that situation to avoid it all together.

Recommendations card: The Tower, reversed

And our final card is the recommended actions, and we've got The Tower, reversed. With The Tower reversed, you are being encouraged to "go there." Go into those big, deep, dark places within yourself. Be ready to tear down the structures that you've created for yourself.

As you're seeking out that inner truth, through the above Justice reversed card, you might get into places where you're like, "Oh my goodness, I didn't realize that things were that way," or "Maybe I actually do have a role in this that I didn't realize." It may be a little bit disruptive, it may feel like what you thought was true and real is actually not, but it's about reconstructing and creating a new possibility for yourself. And it's also about getting in touch with what your core truth really is.

Remember, you've also got the Page of Swords that we had at the start, and he's going to help you with writing. The process of writing and journaling can really help you to uncover those inner truths (Justice card) and help you go where you need to go, into those deep, dark places, that you might have been avoiding until now (The Tower).

So there you have it! May is a pretty big month, particularly as it pertains to your inner source of truth. Things might be a little bit different than what you actually thought...