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June 2018 Tarot Reading: The Judgement Card Brings an Epiphany

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Coleman Stevenson

The theme of change and re-evaluation continues this month, and you are on the verge of a serious breakthrough -- an epiphany that brings a stronger sense of personal purpose and place in the larger world. The work that started with the Justice card in March to realign your values with your actions comes into sharper focus now with the Judgement card, a card of redemption and seeing the bigger picture. If you are not living up to your potential, this is a time to strive more seriously for clarity and redemption. It's time to find what's missing.

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Theme card for June: Judgement

Judgement Tarot card

Clarity has been brewing inside you and now it is rising to the surface in the form of an epiphany about the purpose of your life. This might be an adjusted philosophy of living or a shift in the path/direction your life should take. The cards indicate you now find yourself at a crossroads: What is most important in your life now? To which side should you steer? Unlike a Tower card moment, Judgement does NOT necessarily mean a total overhaul; you can think of your work with this month's theme card as a process of refinement, if that makes you more willing to follow its urgings.

What does an epiphany feel like, anyway? A wake-up call. A jolt of electricity. That crucial piece of a puzzle turned to the correct angle. Something witnessed or experienced snaps you to attention, showing you the value of what you already have or making it obvious what is lacking that you can no longer live without. The ultimate implied question here is: What makes your life worth living? Maybe you're realizing what needs to be the next step in building your career, or maybe you've determined that you need to do a different kind of work altogether. Let's say you've been feeling trapped sitting behind a desk all day. The Judgement card helps you see more clearly what you already know: a truer mode for your existence. After its shove into the light, you begin looking for a job that lets you interact more with people. The same is true for relationships; Judgment often shines a light on what isn't working, demanding that you face the truth in your interactions with loved ones and make an effort to improve the situation.

Sometimes that truth is that you've been getting in the way of your own happiness, and it has led you to indecision and redundancy. Still feeling stuck in some way? You might be haunted by the person you used to be. Maybe you made mistakes, even hurt others or yourself. If there's something you haven't forgiven yourself for, Judgement is also a card of redemption. Let the clarity of new purpose save you from the past. Let the strength of your new actions show the world how you've changed for the better.

For our exploration of the concept of Judgement this month, I'll pull a card each week that gives some specific advice for how to deal with all the awakened information about your purpose in life. Click here to see this week's card, and how the pieces of your puzzle are sliding into place.

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