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Featured Tarot Readings

Featured Tarot Readings

Get reliable answers and advice with<br />your choice of Tarot readings
Tarot.com Staff

Whether you're eager for insight about life, love or career, Tarot.com's featured Tarot readings will calm your anxieties with honest answers and advice. Try your choice of expert Tarot readings now!

Yes or No Tarot reading
Yes or No Tarot reading

Take action on any decision with clear-cut advice from this 8-card Yes or No Tarot reading by Mary K. Greer. Start your Yes or No Tarot reading now »

Celtic Cross Tarot readingCeltic Cross Tarot reading

This full 11-Card reading delivers powerful insights, advice and predictions touching on many aspects of your life. Start your Celtic Cross Tarot reading now »

Premium Daily Reflection Tarot readingPremium Daily Reflection Tarot reading

This reading offers advice and mentally prepares for the day and includes your Personalized Daily Intention! Start your Premium Daily Reflection Tarot reading now »

Life Cycle Tarot readingLife Cycle Tarot reading

Examine your past, present and future in exquisite detail with this powerful and unique 9-card Tarot reading. Start your Life Cycle Tarot reading now »

Self-Healing Tarot readingSelf-Healing Potentials Tarot reading

This seven-card reading will help identifying and overcome obstacles on your path toward healing. Start your Self-Healing Potentials Tarot reading now »