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Reveal Your Most Powerful Cosmic Cycles with an Astrology Forecast

Reveal the most dynamic astrological transits in the year ahead

We all wish we could know exactly what our futures hold. While it may not be entirely possible to predict everything that will happen, you CAN get an in-depth look at the astrological cycles that will pack the biggest punch with a Big Picture 1-Year Astrology Forecast.

Each planet has a unique effect on certain aspects of your life, and when you map those movements over the placements of the planets in your birth chart, you uncover a variety of opportunities and challenges that are specific to you. You might be surprised at how powerful and impactful some of these further off, seemingly slower planets are in your life!

There are many online forecasts to choose from, but what makes these yearly Astrology predictions different from others is the level of personalized insight in them. Written by Master Astrologers Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer, your unique forecast is based on long-term astrological cycles and major planetary transits -- the ones that reveal energetic turning points in your natal chart.

In addition to an overview of the entire yearly period you choose, the following types of forecasts are included in your report:

Monthly Mood Cycles

How will the Moon influence you as it moves through its monthly lunar phases? The New Moon is a time of beginnings that generally favors initiative and exploration, while the Full Moon revealed crises, breakthroughs, and opportunities. The sign it is in at each of the major transition points will affect you differently depending on your own birth chart. 

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Love and Relationships

More than any other planet, Venus determines your sensitivity and receptivity to love. Venus is a fast-moving inner planet, which means it typically creates many transits every month. This Astrology reading reveals the most significant of your upcoming Venus transits, helping you maximize these cosmic love cycles as they're happening.

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Action and Initiative

Mars shows how you initiate activities, express aggression, and push yourself in new directions. The transits of Mars energize your life in dramatic ways, fueling your sense of initiative and affecting your temper and other emotional impulses. This guidance will help you apply your intention to overcome obstacles, as well as define what you're willing to fight for and how you'll do it.

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Opportunities and Expansion

The transits of the largest planet, Jupiter, reveal the biggest ways for you to expand your spheres of influence in the coming months. Not only will you get a broader understanding of yourself and your world, but you'll also be able to pinpoint where your gains come through your own efforts and with the support of others.

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Challenges and Responsibilities

Saturn, the planet of limitation, often describes situations where we've gone as far as we can. Its transits define problems clearly and indicate where hard work and commitment will produce noticeable results. The transits of Saturn contained in this astrology forecast shed light on personal growth opportunities, as well as ways you can turn weaknesses into strengths.

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Surprises and Breakthroughs

Revolutionary Uranus indicates the freedom that comes from using inventiveness and originality, rather than sticking to familiar habits Where do you break the rules? What patterns will be broken down? What will you be forced to let go of? You'll gain a better understanding of the sudden and surprising changes you might not have seen coming. 

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Inspiration and Transformation

These two outermost planets -- Neptune and Pluto -- represent long cycles of major change. The transits of these planets have long-lasting effects because they move so slowly, indicating cycles of major change on deep levels. Neptune dissolves old boundaries, while Pluto eliminates people, situations, or attitudes that have outlived their purpose. This report brings attention to the very essence of your needs, helping release the incredible ability you have for transformation and living up to your highest potential.

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Ready to use the power of astrological cycles to take control of your life and revolutionize your future? Get your own yearly Big Picture Astrology Report now!

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