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My Three Signs

It's not ALL about your Sun sign

By Tarot.com Staff

You know you have a zodiac sign -- that's where the Sun was in the sky at the exact moment you were born. Looking at your Sun sign gives a great overall picture of your personality -- but you are so much more than that! What about your emotions, patterns, and gut instincts? These don't come from your Sun sign ... the Moon rules these. So understanding your Moon sign (where the Moon was when you were born), is vital when digging into your personal Astrology.

But if your Sun and Moon signs relate to you on a personal level, what about the way you come across to other people? This comes from your third very important sign: your Rising sign! Also called your "Ascendant," this is the zodiac sign that was rising over the horizon right when you were born, and it makes a huge impact on you and your whole Astrology chart.

So yes, that big, bright Sun is a big deal, but your Moon and Rising signs are seriously important! Don't know yours? Don't worry -- you can look up your signs and find out what they mean right now with a FREE Cosmic Profile.

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