Sun Number 2

Sun Number 2

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Based on the Numerology of Hans Decoz

The best way to describe a 2 Sun Number is to think of a scale. When faced with a decision, a 2 will weigh out the options between the two choices carefully, often thinking about effects that will happen both long term and short term. Because of this trait, it makes sense that of all of the Sun Numbers, 2s like to act behind the scenes -- usually avoiding direct confrontation whenever possible.

2s possess a type of instinct that is usually reserved for people with psychic abilities. They have a grasp on human nature and are able to see changes coming down the pipe far before most other numbers even sense a problem. However, using their cunning intellect can have a downside. Often, they'll take advantage of others or use their gut feeling to convince someone into something they would likely regret down the road.

Just like one side of a scale, you can push down 2s pretty easily. But, as soon as the pressure is relieved, they bounce right back faster than most other Sun Numbers. And because of this, they're able to sympathize with the downtrodden. But just a heads up, if you tempt a 2 with an inch they're more than likely to take a mile.

As a lover, 2s are very sensitive and romantic -- and they should be treated as though they are fine China. Although people with a Sun Number 2 are a little vulnerable in general, they are doubly more so when it's coming from their partner. 2s can be defensive in relationships and are likely not to budge much when it comes to compromising.

If you're with a 2, be prepared to be number 1 in their book because 2 Sun Numbers tend to put their partner first in life and love. However, be sure not to cross the line ... because there's sure to be a price to be paid. 

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Compatibility for the Sun Number 2

1: The 1 and the 2 tend to run together well because the 1 in the relationship protects and nurtures the 2 Sun Number.

5: 2 and 5 Sun Numbers get along well because they both share a deep sense of passion.

6: These two jive together well because they're both patient and work steadily towards far-off goals.

8: They go together well because an intellectual 2 just may be the only Sun Number that can figure out what an 8 really wants in a relationship ... and that includes the 8!

9: This couple would find themselves in a happy partnership because once you break past a 9's shell, they are giving and nurturing in relationships.

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