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Resolve Conflict with a Star of David Tarot Reading

Get the answers YOU need to overcome your struggles once and for all

It can be agonizing trying to make a tough decision or deal with a difficult situation when it feels like important information is being hidden from you -- whether it be something related to your career, love life, or anything else. The mental back and forth can leave you feeling stressed out, on-edge, and unable to focus on what you CAN do to move you towards your best possible outcome. Where there's a will, there's a way -- and our Star of David Tarot Reading provides you with the powerful guidance you need to resolve any polarizing situation in your life, so you can get closer to the future you want!

The positions in this 6-card Tarot reading analyze all the key external and subtle energies that could be influencing your situation. The comprehensive advice in this Tarot reading equips you with the kind of awareness that empowers you to confidently move toward your best possible outcome TODAY.

Begin your Star of David Tarot reading now or keep reading to find out more about the enriching advice this spread has for YOU!

Star of David Tarot Reading

Position 1: Deciding Moment card

Events that are just departing

Often times it is best to "sleep on" a tough decision to give yourself time to cool off from the intensity and increase your ability to see the greater picture. The Deciding Moment card in this truth-seeking Tarot reading shows you the position you were initially in when your situation first arose, then illustrates how that position is starting to change. The insight you receive from this card is crucial in understanding how recent events have evolved your situation to where it stands at this very moment.

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Position 2: Consequences card

Which way the wind is blowing with regard to your situation

Like weather, moods change and circumstances change, so what is important today may not be important a year from now. The second position in this problem-solving Tarot reading gives you the current temperature of your conflict while providing detailed foresight on how the tides are changing and what you should and shouldn't do in order to guide you towards your best possible outcome.

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Position 3: Will card

The learning curve whereby you can turn adversity into accomplishment

Our struggles have the potential to unlock tremendous amounts of personal growth if we take them on with the right mindset. The Will card you choose will reveal the most beneficial changes you can make to your patterns of thinking -- and how to transition them so that your perspective changes to see your dilemma as an opportunity rather than a burden.

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Position 4: Relationships card

People who can be supportive or helpful to you at this time

Ever find yourself starting to use figures of speech that your closest friends, coworkers, or family members use? Who we surround ourselves with has a profound effect on our perspective and the Relationships card shows you who your emotional allies are as you seek your truth -- they might not be who you think!

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Position 5: Advice card

A course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible

You might know what you need to do but are not sure how to do it or where to even start, but it's important to remember that there are often multiple routes to reach the same destination. The fifth position in this Tarot spread shows you what your options are for reaching your best possible resolution. You may be provided with directions for mental exercises to try or other tablets of wisdom that will help you see your road ahead with more clarity and confidence.

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Position 6: Conscience card

The broader perspective and influence of your conscience

You might have the best intentions, but the way you're approaching this situation could unknowingly be sabotaging your outcome. The sixth and final position of this conflict resolution Tarot reading shows you how your actions and behaviors are impacting your dilemma. If the current role you have been playing isn't bringing you closer to resolution, this position will tell you which changes you need to make to do so.

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The steps you take today could bring you closer to the peace of mind you deserve, so get your Star of David Tarot Reading NOW!

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