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New Year, New Numbers

Plan for the year ahead with Numerology
Maria DeSimone

I'm thoroughly convinced that one of the reasons we feel attuned energetically to the whole idea of a new year being equal to new beginnings connects to Numerology. Think about it. Most renowned Numerologists say that a brand new personal year begins for all of us in January. Depending on where we are in our nine-year cycle, each January we'll begin a brand new one-year cycle that's filled with specific opportunities and potential challenges.

You can find out what's in store for you personally with a 1-Year Numerology Forecast. And recently, I had the good fortune to receive my annual numerology consultation with my personal numerologist.

She has been my numerologist for years -- going back to 2006 -- and I adore the way she conveys her information. I find Numerology to be a fascinating metaphysical science, equal to Astrology. Each year my numerologist has delivered incredibly accurate predictions for me, based on my current cycles for that given year.

Analyze your life with Numerology

In Astrology you need to consider many factors for a thorough analysis, and the same is true for Numerology. Not only is the personal year considered, but there are pinnacles, challenges, transits and essences. I appreciate learning more about this science with each passing year -- and especially how it relates to my ever-changing world.

I will tell you up front that my numerologist hasn't exactly been excited about my romantic prospects since I began consulting with her. She's been quite forthright with me about this fact, even when it pained me to hear it. Well, guess what? Apparently, 2014 just might change things. I'm going from a 1 Personal Year to a 2 Personal Year in 2014, and this is a year many numerologists consider to be auspicious for finding a soul mate.

My numerologist was even more encouraged by this potential after she looked at my pinnacles and saw that this past May, when I turned 39, I entered a 6 pinnacle cycle. The pinnacles are four long-term cycles on our life path that represent specific qualities we must learn to embrace.

My 6 pinnacle will last until I am 47, which suggests I will be involved with family and that I will have an increase in domestic responsibilities. It emphasizes close relationships, and if you go into this pinnacle single, there's a good chance you will marry before it's over.

Numbers can reveal your romantic prospects

Well, between the pinnacle and my 1 Personal Year, I was happy to hear that there is finally some serious relationship potential, numerologically speaking. In fact, my numerologist declared boldly that I would be remarried before the end of my 6 pinnacle. She thinks my 42nd year looks especially promising. Fascinating!

She also warned me about some challenges I would face during my 2 Personal Year. I need to cultivate patience now, and not begin anything new. Instead, it's a year to nurture everything I began in 2013 during my 1 Personal Year. I'll need to practice diplomacy and cooperation. I might be hypersensitive, but this might help me as an astrologer because it'll raise my intuition to an even greater realm.

What I also love about the personal year forecast is that you can break down each month to a personal month that adds even greater insight into your year ahead. Going back to the love thing, my numerologist says that April, August and September are "hot" months during my 2014 to meet that "soul mate."

Get your own personal Numerology predictions

I have to say that April is awful for me astrologically, but August and September are glowing. I will have to keep you posted on whether or not the numbers and planets actually manage to bring this new relationship into fruition. In the meantime, I hope you decide to consider looking into numerology for yourself.

There are fantastic numerology reports here on, and before I ever worked for this company I have ordered them for myself. In fact, I own Hans Decoz's Numerology book, and inside the pages of this gem is a copy of a 1-Year Numerology Forecast from 2003 from! I wasn't even an astrologer back then! But my numbers knew that was coming next.

What do your numbers have to say about your New Year?

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