The Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra: Diplomatic, Creative, Partnership-oriented

Aug 8, 2024 – Aug 10, 2024

By Staff

Before we start talking about the Libra Moon, let’s begin with a bit of information about the Moon itself. Astrologers consider the Moon a planet. It moves so quickly through the sky that it passes through each of the 12 zodiac signs every month. !

When the Moon is in Libra

It doesn’t matter what your Moon sign is because for a couple of days a month, we all feel the influence of the transiting Libra Moon. When the Moon is in the accommodating sign of Libra, you will feel a little bit more focused on creating tranquility, beauty, and harmony all around you. Libra doesn’t just appreciate balance -- Libra also seeks out imbalance and fixes it. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to play peacemaker during this transit!

When the Moon is in Libra you might also feel a bit like Ginger Rogers, and everyone and everything you meet is Fred Astaire. During this time of the Libra Moon, your mantra may be "grace in space." If you meet an obstacle or encounter resistance, you’ll be able to dance like you expected it to be there. Because Libra’s natural skills are diplomacy and negotiation, the Moon in Libra gives you the ability to use charm and tact to get what you want.

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon is all about a new cycle, and the Libra New Moon is all about finding ways to reestablish balance that has been lost. Finding a sense of balance allows us to deal with life’s issues smoothly, and helps us to discover the peaceful neutral point from which clarity, common sense, and cooperation come from. Whether it’s in personal or business relationships, the influence of the Libra New Moon helps us see both sides of any story.

This may also be the time when you initiate new relationship, or get a fresh start in an ongoing one. A New Moon in Libra will gently nudge you to hit the emotional reset button and start over so that you can look to the horizon with renewed anticipation.

Full Moon in Libra

Every Full Moon is a culmination of a monthly cycle, and the social Libra Full Moon is no exception as it challenges you to manage your desire for companionship with your need for independence. Our connection to others and relationships are always at the forefront during a Full Moon so this isn’t a surprise, but it is even more noticeable during the Full Moon in Libra. Because you’ll have a heightened awareness of your emotions, you’ll have incredible clarity about any inequity in your partnerships.

If you were born with the Moon in Libra

Libra is the negotiator of the Zodiac. They can easily see both sides of every argument, find the middle ground, and deal with the situation (and the people in it) respectfully. Because of this, those born when the Moon was in Libra have the reputation of being incredibly cooperative and compromising.

Libra’s need for harmony extends to the world around them. They have an eye for design, and appreciate all forms of symmetry and composition. Their homes often have a tranquil energy with a neat appearance that infuse a sense of serenity into their lives since Libra thrives in calm environments.

If there’s something Libra is well-known for, it’s being social! In fact, they thrive when they have an abundance of friendship and love in their lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are party animals. Libras are fine with going out just as much as they are staying in and entertaining in their homes. Their pople-oriented nature also makes them natural flirts so it’s not surprising that they often have quite a few admirers.

Libra’s love of people makes them an extremely caring and sympathetic friend, and you can certainly count on them to lend a listening ear when needed. Additionally, they are very fair so you know you’re getting an objective perspective from them that will help you with whatever problem you’re having. A Libra friend is an amazing friend indeed!

Libra Moon Sign Traits:

  • Peace-loving
  • Social
  • Cooperative
  • Loving
  • Gracious
  • Balanced
  • Harmonious
  • Fair-minded
  • Intelligent

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