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Get Multiple Readings a Day With a Daily Reflection Tarot Reading Subscription

Make the most of your day, every day

We took our most popular reading to the next level! We noticed some of you love our Daily Reflection Tarot Reading so much that you were running it more than once a day. That's why we created the Daily Reflection Tarot Reading Subscription. Now you can run your favorite reading 3 times a day at a major discount!

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What's included in my subscription?

  • Three Daily Reflection Tarot Readings a day (that's $140 savings every month!)
  • Readings are stored in your journal so you can easily track your progress
  • Quick insight into what's happening right now
  • Access to your readings any time, anywhere, no matter what device you're using

Can I still run a single Daily Reflection Tarot Reading?

Yes, of course! But on September 21, the Daily Reflection Tarot Reading will only be available for purchase using Karma Coins. Learn More

How will a subscription benefit me?

  • Daily Lesson: a reminder to slow down and tap into the messages the universe is trying to deliver to you
  • Perspective: powerful guidance to help you navigate the ups and downs of your specific situation
  • Future Insight: ease uncertainty and get peace of mind by staying one step ahead of whatever's coming your way

Make the most of the present moment and reveal what's unfolding in your future with a Daily Reflection Tarot Reading Subscription! Are you ready to seize YOUR day?

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