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Take Control of Your Romantic Future With a Love Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Find the answers you seek in this classic love Tarot spread

Fears, doubts, and questions about love can do a number on your heart and mind. And the longer you stew on an issue about your love life, the more frustrated you'll become. A Love Celtic Cross Tarot Reading has the answers you need to address what's happening now and move beyond it, toward a romantic future you can feel good about.

Problems in love are rarely black and white! That's why this love Tarot spread includes 10 cards -- so you can see your situation from many different angles, helping you find the ultimate truth and realize the next steps that are best for you. Whether you're already in a relationship and need advice on a situation between you and your partner, or you're single and have concerns about meeting the right person, advice from the Love Celtic Cross Tarot Reading can get you and your heart on the path toward happiness and fulfillment!

Keep reading to discover all the ways this love Tarot reading can help you...

Love Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Position 1: Love & Me card

Your current outlook on love 

How open is your mind? How open is your heart? The card in the Love & Me position shows the state of your mind and emotions right now, and how available you are to give and receive love. This card can also reveal personal tools you may not even know you have that can help you approach the situation you're dealing with.

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Position 2: Situation card

The circumstances you are currently experiencing

When you sit in the middle of an emotional issue for too long, your perspective on the whole situation gets skewed. And if you can't even see your problem clearly, there's no way you can see your solution. The card that shows up in the Situation position helps you see what's truly happening right now, outside of any biases you may have, so you can get a realistic view of what you are facing.

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Position 3: Challenges card

How to turn your obstacles into opportunities

The difference between a challenge and an opportunity is usually just perspective. The card in the Challenges position reveals circumstances related to your situation that could prove difficult, but that you could also use to your advantage. 

Reveal how your challenges are really just opportunities in disguise »

Position 4: Recent Past card

Events that have recently impacted your love situation

The card in the Recent Past position reveals events that have happened in your life lately that are impacting your love situation, either positively or negatively... These events may have directly affected the situation in question, or they may have caused a shift in your feelings or mindset which led to you seeing your circumstances differently...

Discover how your romantic past is affecting your present circumstances »

Position 5: Higher Power card

Spiritual and subconscious energies to pay attention to

As you move through this current romantic situation, there are very meaningful lessons available to you -- lessons that go far beyond love and far beyond this present moment. The card in the Higher Power position helps you realize the greater meaning of the situation you're dealing with, and how your personal integrity plays a role in the decisions you make now. 

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Position 6: Near Future card

Upcoming events that may change your situation 

The events you experience in life are all connected, and the card in the Near Future position reveals circumstances coming your way that may greatly impact your love situation, or your feelings about it. It's important to remember that your situation is still in flux and could change at any time based on internal or external factors.

Reveal the energies that are unfolding in your near future »

Position 7: Issues card

The patterns and perspectives that are keeping you stuck

It's hard to see when we, ourselves, are contributing to a problem. Or maybe it's just hard to admit... But even if you feel you did nothing to cause the issue you are currently facing, there are things you are doing -- probably without even knowing it -- that are keeping you from moving forward. The card in the Issues position helps you realize the ways you may be perpetuating your love problem and advises ways you can change these behaviors. 

Uncover the behavior and beliefs that could be holding you back »

Position 8: The Loved One card

How you might perceive someone you are now or soon to be involved with

If you are involved with someone in the present moment -- at any level -- the card in The Loved One position helps you understand the things they may be experiencing right now. This knowledge is invaluable in helping you find a viable solution to your dilemma (one that works for you both), and could also clue you in to reasons this problem arose in the first place...

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Position 9: Love Advice card

The actions you may take to find resolution for your love situation

Now that you have a much better idea of the situation you're facing and the tools that are available to you, you are in the position to start seeking solutions. The card in the Love Advice position offers a healthy perspective and advises steps you can take to address the circumstances in question.

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Position 10: Long-Term Potential card

What is possible for you over time

What happens in the long run is up to you and the decisions you make. The card in the Long-term Potential position shows what is possible for you if you take action on your situation in the present moment. If the card that appears here is less than desirable, consider how you could take different actions or make different decisions to create a more positive outcome. If you receive an optimistic message in this position, realize these good things will not just magically unfold for you -- the potential is there, but you must put in the effort to make these possibilities come true!

Discover your long-term potential as it relates to this situation »

Don't let your love dilemmas get the best of you! Get the personalized perspective needed to turn this situation around and create the romantic future you desire.

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