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Eight of Pentacles (Coins) Tarot Card Meanings

When you dedicate yourself to producing quality work, you will gain greater freedom all the way around.

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What does the Eight of Pentacles Tarot card mean?

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Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The Eight of this suit is the card of works. We see here the successful artisan spending time at his bench, hammering out the commissions he has attracted because of his skill. This artist is the best in her or his class, so popular that it's become difficult keep up with demand. She is paid whatever she asks and accepts only the most worthy assignments.

If there is a problem in this card, it has to do with the trap of workaholism, the feeling of being so indispensable that you will not ask for help or delegate anything. There is also the issue of becoming so identified as the creator of elegant works, that the personal identity of the creator becomes consumed by the works themselves. This artisan seldom gets to have a home life, time off, much time for friends. The solution lies in balancing creative energy with a personal life.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

The Eight of Coins reversed asks that you not mistake your work for your identity. It is a common error to overly identify with one's livelihood.

This card reversed indicates that you are in danger of losing your self to your work. This would be a big mistake. Refuse to accept such a limited definition of who you are.

Eight of Pentacles Advice Position

The Eight of Coins in this position recommends that you focus on your main project and produce as much as you can, while staying healthy. This is an important time for meeting goals. However, do not work so hard that quality suffers.

You are in a position where your effort can make a big difference. Apply yourself. Do the work and you will be rewarded with flexibility and freedom.

Eight of Pentacles Love Position

The Eight of Coins in this position reveals a gift or talent for design or problem solving -- the know-how necessary to combine utility with efficiency and beauty. This points to a master developing his or her craft. When a person becomes proficient at something, his or her good reputation can spread until the work is showcased in the loftiest venues.

It is important for you to respect and appreciate the quality of what you may be helping to create -- as well as the acclaim and potential relationship benefits that accrue from your possible achievements.

Eight of Pentacles Career Position

When the Eight of Coins is in this position, you may find yourself in a work environment that calls for high achievement just to afford the tools and materials you need to begin the real work. Unfortunately, the drive to produce high volume may be detrimental to the quality of the work. In addition you may feel pressured to exceed a pace that is neither healthy nor realistically sustainable. Why degrade your health and relationships just to satisfy excess demand?

Manage your energy wisely and refuse to let yourself be ground down or used up because of the intensity of the situation. After all, should genius be sacrificed to speed? Or quality to quantity? If your contribution to the larger whole is so desirable that there aren't enough hours in the day for you to fulfill the demand, then you need to get some help before you burn out on the job.

Eight of Pentacles in a Yes or No Card Reading

The Eight of Coins is a card of expertise and practice. If you're looking for simple Yes or No guidance and receive the Eight of Coins, the answer is YES. Think about the incremental steps that can get you to your ultimate goal.