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Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

Rise to the occasion with confidence in your talent and ability.

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What does the Eight of Swords Tarot card mean?

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Eight of Swords Upright Meaning

Often called "The Test," the Eight of this suit usually pictures a warrior running the gauntlet, subjected to harsh examination, who finds out just how tough he or she is (or isn't) in the process. Life provides us with plenty of experiences that put us in situations of close scrutiny -- whether it's an entrance exam, a decisive job interview or even the tough conversations that follow upon a breach of trust in a close relationship.

Sometimes the challenge or obstacle course has nothing to do with other people, as when an inventor has to face the question "Does it really work?" or when the aspirant has to decide how badly he desires to go through some sort of initiation. This card shows what happens to that great idea in real time, where the rubber meets the road. The Test represents your chance to vindicate the time and energy spent in getting ready for a big moment. In most cases, you will either pass or fail, with little in the way of available middle ground.

Eight of Swords Reversed Meaning

When the Eight of Swords is reversed, there is a tendency to rationalize, justify and project blame onto others. Be sure you are not doing that. Judge yourself by the standards you hold your adversary to, before you get caught in a trap of your own making.

Focus your inner dialogue and your conversations with others on what you can do to produce positive change. Inspire others to see the high ground and join you there. You can't complain about the bad attitudes of your adversaries if you have one too.

Eight of Swords Advice Position

With the Eight of Swords in this position, you are being reminded that every setback you experience is a teacher awakening you to renewed effort. This is a learn-by-doing situation; there is no formula that guarantees outcome. You can be sure, however, that an open-minded and optimistic attitude will serve you better in the face of surprising developments.

Be willing to make the rigorous effort that is being called for now. Perform wholeheartedly, with good faith and hopefulness. As such, you'll forestall bickering and criticism, prevail against negative forces and overcome the demons of doubt and resistance. Get excited about your challenges; be confident that you have what it takes to improve the situation. If you do your internal homework, the external situation will open up for you.