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Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

Let go of your past. The future welcomes you with a bounty of growth and change.

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What does the Judgement Tarot card mean?

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Judgement Upright Meaning

The Judgement card, sometimes called "Resurrection," represents the great reunion that the ancients believed would happen once in every age. This was the time when souls are harvested and taken home to their place of origin, outside the solar system. Then the world is seeded with a batch of new souls and the process starts over.

From a modern point of view, this great reunion -- which includes every personality that you have ever been and every soul that you have done deep work with -- reunites to consciously complete the process. In a way, we symbolically celebrate this returning to center every year on our birthday.

In personal terms, the Judgment Tarot card points to freedom from inner conflicts, and so clear a channel, that the buried talents and gifts of past incarnations can come through an individual in this lifetime. This card counsels you to trust the process of opening yourself, because what emerges is of consistently high quality. You can effortlessly manifest as a multi-dimensional being, and assist in evoking that response from others.

Judgement Reversed Meaning

The Judgment card reversed suggests that you feel like you are bumping into externally imposed restrictions, even if you thought you had let go of limitations. If that's the case, you need to accommodate those inexplicable blockages wherever they appear, without allowing the growth force rising within you to diminish.

Like water, you will find the openings and seep through, to move past whatever has been holding you back. Keep flowing and you will succeed.

Judgement Advice Position

The Judgment card advises that you allow yourself to grow, transform, and release hidden potentials within yourself. Divest yourself of fruitless endeavors without neglecting your duties. At the same time, invest your energies in new growth.

It's not necessary to reject others, but refuse to be manipulated by those who cry foul. This process isn't about them anyway. It is about you and the desire you feel to change your life and become a more complete person. Trust your impulses and allow this remarkable awakening to happen.

Judgement Love Position

The Judgment card symbolizes redemption -- a wake-up call combined with the re-integration of missing parts of your self. The common image of people rising out of the grave symbolizes various aspects of the whole self-returning to consciousness: subconscious contents, dream time visions, the emotional body, the soul itself.

These are aspects of yourself or of a possible relationship with your desired partner that might be neglected, sacrificed, sublimated, destroyed, lost or simply undiscovered. A process of transformation allows you to access them consciously. The experience of subtle dimensions is a mystery which words cannot adequately explain. Through your forthcoming relationship let yourself be receptive to profound moments of reckoning when they come.

Judgement Career Position

When Judgment is in this position, it's as if you and your associates at work are coming out of a trance. Options that you thought were long past may be miraculously resurrected. You are gaining greater powers of discernment about current events and breaking through barriers that formerly divided you.

Reevaluate current conditions on the job. Ideas that were originally taken lightly may still have a surprising amount of punch left in them. It takes extraordinary circumstances to evoke simultaneous awakening in an entire group, be sure not to let this opportunity slip by. Making this passage together will bond you and the others into an irresistible work force.

Judgement in a Yes or No Card Reading

Judgement is a card of adventure and awakening. If you're looking for simple Yes or No guidance and receive Judgement, the answer is YES. Follow your sense of purpose and calling, regardless of the situation.