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King of Hearts (Cups) Tarot Card Meanings

Support others with your strength and wisdom.

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What does the King of Hearts Tarot card mean?

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King of Hearts Upright Meaning

Traditionally, representing the energy of a King, this card usually portrays a watery background, with a man seated on a throne, holding the Cup of Mystery in his hand. Occasionally, his cup is fulminating like the mouth of a volcano, emanating light, but never boiling over.

The man in this card doesn't need to speak to communicate strength, passion and commitment. Sometimes he is robed like a priest or shaman. Intense and intuitive, he is a force to be reckoned with.

King of Hearts Reversed Meaning

The King of Cups reversed is bitterly holding a grudge or some hatred -- withholding his natural propensity for forgiveness and blessing. This reversal creates an emotional vacuum around him and deprives him of serenity.

His prodigious powers of empathy and compassion are wasted in favor of rehashing the past and feeling sorry for himself. Dispel the storm clouds, admit the hurt, forgive and embrace. Let the sunshine of peace and benevolence back into the picture.

King of Hearts Advice Position

The King of Cups in this position advises that you closely examine your conscience and bring your personal mission into alignment with what is best for everyone. You can then step into your community or situation with integrity and an ability to communicate the highest wisdom.

As this sweetens the environment, others will be inspired to raise their own motives and intentions to match yours. You will be providing an important kind of leadership that uses strong reassurance to help everyone work together. The most persuasive thing about you is the example of generous behavior that you exhibit -- much more powerful than preaching alone.