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King of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The possibility of success is open to you. There are no substantial obstacles.

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What does the King of Wands Tarot card mean?

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King of Wands Upright Meaning

This suit, most often called "Wands" and sometimes called "Rods" or "Staves," represents initiative, ambition, drive and desire. This is the suit of enterprise and risk-taking.

Traditionally representing the energy of a dynamic King, this card represents the classic conquering hero. He's a charismatic leader, entrepreneurial and ambitious, always creating new adventures. He does this because he doesn't like to stay home or to have to "mind the store" -- he gets to feeling restless and bored with the predictable. If you need a crusader, or someone to take on a big challenge, he's your man. He needs a big assignment, and would rather lead than follow.

It could be said that he has a bit of an ego, as evidenced in his enjoyment of flattery and praise. A bit of a performer, he overachieves in situations where it will be noticed, but in private he wants to be served and adored like the head lion of a pride. A benevolent dictator, he makes life wonderful for those he loves and just the opposite for those who displease him.

King of Wands Reversed Meaning

The wise use of power is to respectfully recognize the authority of others. When the King of Wands is reversed, there is danger in mistaking empowerment for domination, hence a potential for undermining the autonomy of others. Exercise what you think is the best, most positive use of power. Be on guard against any old tendencies to grab the controls and take over.

King of Wands Advice Position

The King of Wands in this position reminds us that our lives are designed to bring us eventually to a place of self-ownership. An opportunity for self-empowerment is presenting itself to you now. Recognize that through your attitude and the way you express yourself to others, you hold the power over your own experiences in life.

You are the determining factor in this situation and circumstances will proceed in the direction that you steer them. Indecision or doubt are not appropriate responses when clarity and confidence are critical. As you take on a bigger role, it will begin to feel more comfortable.

Seize the opportunity to influence events, because everything is waiting for you.

King of Wands Love Position

The King of Wands in this position shows you projecting a sense of authority and security that can rightfully inspire appreciation and gratitude. This is your time to shine and for your relationship capabilities to be recognized. This king is sometimes interpreted as autocratic, however, so strive to be objective and open-minded. Avoid offending others who may feel jealous.

Remember that everything is cyclical and passes through seasons of change. The sense of serenity felt at the top is no guarantee that the high-ranking position will last. Stay balanced and use power wisely to set a good example for those who will follow in your footsteps.

King of Wands Career Position

The King of Wands in this position suggests that a new level of authority may have been assumed by someone in the work environment. That person may still be getting used to this new position. Your patience and compassion can help them get their bearings. It is not in your best interests to appear competitive, so lend your support humbly.

Resist the temptation to upstage this person even if it would be easy. Think of the long run and the greater good. You will be most influential in the outcomes if you are known as a valuable team member rather than an adversary!

King of Wands in a Yes or No Card Reading

The King of Wands is a card of mentorship and respect. If you're looking for simple Yes or No guidance and receive the King of Wands, the answer is YES. Recognize how much power and influence you wield in this situation.